Bithiatec offers professional solutions oriented to the creation, development and implementation of Hi-Tech projects

IOT Industry

In the industrial sector relating to machinery for refrigeration, we implementign and designed  a mobile application  that allows communicating by BLE with the refrigeration machinery and allowing the specialized operator to perform testing and diagnosis sessions. The operator can obtain and download the associated reports by CLOUD, we also create a mobile.


In the field of Smart Grid and Energy Efficiency Efficiency, BithiaTec has developed a proprietary solution that integrates the latest generation Smart Meters with a Software Platform that is developed on multiple levels of communication. The solution is designed both for smart grid management and for domestic users. The management side of the smart grid features are the following:

  • Real-time acquisition of electrical consumption data via Smart Meter
  • Cloud consumption data consumption for subsequent processing
  • Graphic display of consumption data
  • Alarm Diagnosis and management system
  • Mapping of measurement points (Smart Meter) with real-time alarm signaling
  • Charts of electricity consumption available on the Web, Smartphone, tablet
  • Smart meters over the air firmware update
  • Updating the time bands configuration over the air
  • Data aggregation for groups of smart meters (for example on a geographical basis)
  • Data aggregation for groups of smart meters (for example on a geographical basis)
  • Generate customized consumption reports and statistics on a time basis

It is also possible to implement energy demand policies, for the management of dynamic tariffs, mainly in the electricity and thermal sector. Some examples of applicable tariffs:

Critical-peak: management of rates based on peak times on the network
Real-time, hourly rate management for the energy market

As for the home user, the following features are available:
– Real-time consumption monitoring via web / mobile App
– Check network status
– Multi Management Smart meters associated with the user
– Report management and custom statistics

Industry 4.0

On behalf of a leading company in the manufacture of automatic packaging machinery, an IOT embedded machine control platform was created that allows the automation of machine work processes and the improvement of their productivity and maintenance. The realized solution allows operators to pilot and control the machine, verify and historicize data and consumption through a customized frontend / backend cloud computing system supported by a database. with the implementation of the mqtt protocol for communication with the cloud. The user interface consists of a web application and a mobile app available for Android and IOS.

CE Certification

Bithiatec offers an assistance service for the realization of the technical file necessary for obtaining the CE mark. We use, when necessary, the support of specialized consultants and we turn to accredited measurement laboratories for the completion of documentation with measurement reports.

Home Automation

In the “domestic” embedded context, we develop a system for monitoring and acquiring environmental parameters  ( For example: brightness, temperature and humidity). The data acquired by the sensors are input to decision-making algorithms which, based on the results of the processing, have the task of automatically managing actuators for controlling the movement of roller shutter motors. The control unit has been inserted in a ZigBee wireless network for controlling the devices.