Smart Grid CER

Edit Text Editor As part of the POR-FESR 2014-2020 program of the Sardinia region, Bithiatec participated in the Call for “Aid for Research and Development Projects” ranking in the top positions and thus obtaining regional funding for the Smart RHC – IoT (Smart Reader- IoT Hub Controller).

The project relates to a complex platform, consisting of hardware and software elements, which allows you to communicate with a large number of electronic devices that acquire a wide range of quantities including electrical ones. Once acquired, these quantities are processed, stored on the Cloud and made available on a software platform for further processing.

At the end of the activities relating to the tender, the results obtained were further processed and developed within the “Nesosnet” project which, with the support of other partners, led to obtaining a set of validated and certified finished products. The project has evolved into Nesosnet S.r.l. company specialized in the field of Smart Grids and Energy Communities.

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Wirless Energy HUB - CER

Wireless Energy HUB is an electronic device created to provide connectivity to sensors and measurement equipment. It allows the storage of data in real time and on the cloud

SmePro - CER

SMEPro is a device for the bidirectional measurement of electricity designed for wall mounting. The basic functions include the measurement of Active and Reactive Energy, Active and Reactive Power, Network Frequency, Voltage, Current and various diagnostic signals.

Meter Manager - CER

Metermanager is a software that allows you to better monitor and manage the electronic network, thanks to it we could better analyze consumption so as to be able to optimize expenses.