Research and Development

The innovation is the basis of our work. In recent years, BithiaTec, the assignment of the POR-FESR 2014-2020 program, has obtained regional funding, ranking in the top positions relative to some Research and Development tenders. The currently active projects are:

Smart RHC – IoT (Smart Reader-Hub Controller IoT)
The project relates to a complex platform, made up of hardware and software elements, which allows dialogue with a large number of devices that acquire a wide range of sizes, including electrical ones. These quantities, once acquired, are processed, stored in the Cloud and made available for further processing.

Aid for young innovative SMEs

The Program finances the implementation of Business and Technological Development Plans (PSAs) focused for example on products developed by the applicant, of which a demonstrable prototype is possessed. In our case we presented a PSA for our product “Bithiatester” – an innovative Test Automation system – with the aim of perfecting the BITHIATESTER, with the aim of introducing a more competitive product to the market, suitable for applications that respond to recent and prospective developments technologies, among which the IoT play an important role. We will proceed to the completion and introduction of further innovations in the BITHIATESTER prototype, an instrument entirely developed by the R&D team within the proponent, with the aim of:

  • Allow the generation of automated tests for embedded systems.
  • Adapt the product to companies operating in various sectors such as the Automotive, Automation and Industry.
  • Use the product in the context of Internet of Things (IoT) technologies.

SEC – Smart Energy Comunity
The project relates to a micro Smart Grid on which a local, experimental electrical “bag” is developed, based on a technology borrowed from the blockchain – unique in its kind – that allows an exchange of energy between producers and local consumers.

Smart Data Processing Platform

In the context of Bioinformatics research an ATI was established between Bithiatec and the Chair of Medical Genetics of the Department of Medical Sciences and Public Health of the University of Cagliari.

The purpose of the ATI is the design and implementation of an innovative ICT platform with high technological content for the processing of biomedical data.

Specifically, the platform called the “Smart Data Processing Platform” allows to store and process a large number of biomedical data, which can be “imported from other systems”. Through the use of statistical algorithms, the platform can recognize the correlations between data, and allow the prediction of some diseases.