In the field of Embedded Systems, BithiaTec provides design services with high technological content in different sectors...


Application management on web and cloud platforms for interconnection and remote management of sensors, actuators or other embedded systems....

Software Personalizzato

In the Software area, we develop different “tailor-made” solutions based on the customer’s needs, starting from a centralized system that communicates with...

Our Solutions

IOT Industria

In the industrial sector relating to machinery for refrigeration, we implementign and designed a mobile application that allows communicating >>


In the field of Smart Grid and Energy Efficiency Efficiency, BithiaTec has developed a proprietary solution that integrates the latest generation Smart Meters >>

Industria 4.0

On behalf of a leading company in the manufacture of automatic packaging machinery, an IOT embedded machine control platform was created >>

CE Certification

Bithiatec offers an assistance service for the realization of the technical file necessary for obtaining the CE mark. We use, when necessary >>

Home Automation

In the “domestic” embedded context, we develop a system for monitoring and acquiring environmental parameters ( For example: brightness, temperature and humidity) >>

The innovation is the basis of our work. In recent years, BithiaTec, the assignment of the POR-FESR 2014-2020 program, has obtained regional funding, ranking in the top positions relative to some Research and Development tenders. >>


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