The BithiaTester is an intelligent and portable electronic device, capable of carrying out diagnostic tasks for electronic devices, that is, it allows you to test integrated systems (embedded) by managing multiple levels of analysis, on channels that emit (even simultaneously) numerous types of output signals .

The brain of the BithiaTester is a board that supplies power to the microprocessor and allows you to work with multiple devices at the same time. The BithiaTester interface allows you to create different tests that can be managed with different signals. The collected data can be compared with each other


Multisignal Management

The BithiaTester manages signals of different types. All synchronized with the same "timestamp", they can be managed in the same test unit and there are no limits in the number of signals that can be monitored

Remote Control

The BithiaTester can be managed remotely and shared on the network (Wired / Wirless) from the GUI of its management software

Easy and Intuitive Interface

The Design of the BithiaTester is intuitive and easy to use, the tests are clearly distinguished thanks to the mast, while in the main box there are the different signals managed.

Report Generation & Data Comparison

With the BithiaTester it is possible to generate reports on the recorded data and in a few clicks you have the possibility to import from the output and compare them with the recorded data

IoT & Cloud

The Bithiatester has evolved towards IoT becoming a device connected and communicating with the cloud, making upload and download possible of reports and simulations