CEST 2019 RHODES: Presentation “electronic nose”

In collaboration with Sartec srl and the University of Salerno, BithiaTec Srl participated in a research project for the realization of an innovative instrument for acquisition, analysis and classification of data related to odorous substances.
The instrument, named IOMS (Instrumental, Odor, Monitoring, Systems) aka “next-generation electronic nose”, was presented at the CEST of Rhodes 2019.
The research project, was developed within an operating industrial plant (refinery) located in southern Sardinia,
used as an experimental study case, and was the result of cooperation between the companies Sartec, Sponge (scientific partner) and BithiaTec (ICT partner)
BithiaTec, specifically, has developed the electronic card with its relative firmware used for real-time acquisition of signals coming from the sensors.
The system will be used for the continuous monitoring of environmental odors emitted in ambient air by complex industrial plants, with the aim of controlling their emissions and limiting the odorous impact in the surrounding area.

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