Sardinia is a land of best energy practices

From pilot plants for the development of smart-grids and micro-grids to incentives for energy efficiency in public buildings, including calls for bids for municipalities that intend to equip themselves with accumulation and control systems for energy produced from renewable sources: the island is involved in numerous programs that aim to favor the integration of the different energy sources in buildings to increase self-consumption through community financing instruments. A picture of the interventions in progress, and those already implemented, was traced in Cagliari during the last day of the international Enerselves event, a project developed within the framework of Interreg-Europe, to which, together with Sardinia, other 6 Community Regions from Spain, Sweden, Poland, Malta, Romania and the Lazio Region participate. “Sardinia is now able to confront itself on a par with Europe on energy efficiency issues, as shown by our participation in Enerselves, a a 48-month project in the 2017-2020 four-year period that I had the opportunity to present a few months ago in Brussels, during the European Sustainable Energy Week “, said the Minister of Industry, Maria Grazia Piras. See the article original >>