Enel and Berchidda, signed the agreement: the city will sell energy

The energy that will illuminate Berchidda will be intelligent. In other words, the town at the foot of Mount Limbara will be able to reduce consumption costs and aim straight for energy independence. Everything goes through a plan that sees the Municipality and the Region at the forefront. It was no coincidence that Mayor Andrea Nieddu spoke of a historic day yesterday morning. The reason is simple: Berchidda, together only with Benetutti, will be the first example of a smart community in Sardinia. This is where an energy model based on experimentation and development of smart grids and energy storage systems will be created. To finance the revolution it was directly the Region, because the goal, sooner or later, is to extend this type of model to the rest of the island. An intention confirmed by the same Maria Grazia Piras, regional councilor for Industry.

Everything to the City. In the language of the 21st century, “smart community” stands for a model of sustainable development, fast, intelligent and capable of improving the lives of citizens and access to resources. It is more or less what will happen to Berchidda. Yesterday in a hall of the town hall the first and important step was taken. The company e-Distribuzione, of the Enel group, first of all sold the management of the agro electricity network to the Municipality. That of the inhabited center, instead, was already of the Commune. In this way, given that it is the local authority that operates directly as an electricity company, Berchidda is in an ideal condition for experimentation studied by the Region. The final objectives are basically three: to promote instant self-consumption, maximize local consumption and reduce costs for businesses and citizens …

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